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Семинар с Др. Robert Kerstein, D.M.D, USA

    Семинар с Др. Robert Kerstein, D.M.D, USA

    In the period from 20 to 21 October 2018,

    doctor of philosophy. Robert Kerstein, D. M. D., USA,

    one of the leading authors and physicians in the field of computerized occlusion analysis, is waiting for us at the 2-day workshop.

    the workshop includes:

    — training program for interpretation of T-Scan data with live demonstration, diagnosis and treatment – daily clinic, practical application, T-Scan technology.

    Location-country Ukraine, Chisinau Kiev, Hotel “Ukraine”, Pushkin street. Institutskaya no. 4, starting from 9: 00.

    The course will be in English with translation into Russian.