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Dental Surgery

Dental Surgery

The cabinet of dental surgery of IovuDENT centre is provided with cutting-edge equipment, instruments and products for all kinds of surgical procedure.

Highly qualified surgeons provide multimodality treatment of diseases of periodontium tissues and carry out such kinds of surgical procedures as:

  • Implantation (one-phase, two-phase);
  • Restoration of alveolar ridge volume
  • Soft tissue reconstruction
  • Minimal traumatic tooth extraction methods, keeping the maximum surrounding tissues.
  • All kinds of complicated tooth extraction (wisdom teeth, supernumerary and misplaced teeth) by means of low traumatic methods with maximum preservation of surrounding tissues


The indications for operative intervention are established only after overall complex examination taking into account anatomical, physiological, functional and aesthetic needs of a patient.

The implantation is conducted by means of implantological systems from world’s leading manufacturers such as : Alpha Bio; A.B.; AlphaDent; ADIN(Israel), IHDE Dental (Switzerland), TEKKA(Franta) si altele.

If there is a possibility to preserve one or two roots in a multirooted tooth, resection techniques such as dental hemisection (the removal of one root with a part of the crown), root amputation (the removal of a root with full preservation of a crown) and coronary radicular separation (separation of roots by the dissection of a crown and root trunk) are used.

Dental surgeons of the department perform the cyst excision operations of the upper and lower jaw with intraoperative canal filling when necessary.

During the postoperative period our patients are constantly under observation of medical staff and are provided with all necessary remedies for oral care and advices.