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Dental prosthetics

Dental prosthetics

The Prostethic doctor is the one that deals with a final stage of dental treatment: full anatomical and functional renovation of dentition.
An orthopedist is a creator in the full sense of the word: he is the creator of human smile, diction, aesthetics and his mood.

Dental prosthetics is one of the most important missions of modern dentistry, as inadequate nutrition causes a number of gastrointestinal tract diseases as well as unaesthetic look, which makes patient go and see dental orthopedist.
Our highly skilled orthopedists have vast operational experience and perform all types of prosthetics:

Dental prosthetics:

Non-removable prosthetics
Removable prosthetics
Conditionally removable prosthetics
Non-removable prosthetics includes:

Metal-ceramic prosthetics
Prosthetics with metal-ceramic on a gold basis
Metalless (press) ceramics prosthetics
Prosthetics with metalless ceramics on the basis of zirconium oxide
Veneers prosthetics
Inlays and onlays prosthetics
Implant prosthetics
Removable prosthetics includes:

Clasp (arc) removable dental prostheses
Flexible (nylon) dental prostheses
Partially removable prostheses
Full removable plate-like prostheses
Conditionally removable prostheses can be metal-ceramic or metal-plastic with or without artificial gum.

Besides oral medical advice on orthopedic construction care after each stage of prosthetics our patient also gets written advice, that will help him to avoid many problems and questions. The patient is necessarily studied to care of orthopedic construction; he also gets individually selected hygiene agents.

While making of permanent orthopedic constructions we usually offer our clients temporary prosthesis option in order for them not to feel aesthetically or functionally uncomfortable.

Our clinic widely applies the method of urgent making of dental prosthesis temporary constructions with the help of up-to-date self-curing resins.