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Technologies – Price List

Here you will find a list and cost of devices and programs for the treatment and care of your teeth.

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The JT-3D jaw tracking device is designed to diagnose the condition / diseases of the chewing apparatus. JT-3D jaw tracking device is designed and developed in accordance with the latest kinesiology standards of the lower jaw.

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The QuadraTENS electroneurostimulator provides percutaneous electroneurostimulation by exposure to high-frequency and low-frequency pulses. Disposable electrodes, depending on the purpose of use, are fixed at certain points on the right and left.

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Bio JVA Temporomandibular Joint Vibration Analyzer is the only system that records joint vibrations as they pass through the tissue. Provides a clear image of the compression waves created by the temporomandibular joint.

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The Bio EMG III electric myograph is specially designed for recording activity data on the craniofacial muscles both in working condition and at rest. The Bio EMG III myograph is an opportunity to study craniofacial nerves and maxillofacial muscles, to identify the degree of denervation and the amount of reinnervation during surgical interventions on the face and oral cavity.

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The American company Tekscan has been an absolute leader in the production of tactile sensors and systems for measuring pressure and force for 25 years. As part of the dental program, the T-scan Novus diagnostic tool has been developed, allowing dentists to quickly and accurately perform occlusion analysis.

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