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Hygiene and Prophylaxis

Hygiene and Prophylaxis

Our overall health depends on the condition of oral cavity. In addition, healthy gums and teeth positively influence the prestige, success and mood.

It’s feasible to preserve teeth and gums healthy, but it is necessary to follow thoroughly all the rules and methods of oral cavity hygiene to succeed in it. Not all patients can carry out themselves the oral cavity hygiene as well as not all patients know how to do it properly. Some people thoroughly carry out the hygiene but still need the permanent help of hygienist because of the concomitant diseases. So the hygienic room successfully operates in our medical centre.For scaling, nicotine and other deposits removal we apply sand blaster, manual, ultrasonic facilities,AirFlow and medicamental agents; we carry out the tooth polishing and bleaching. Depending on the medical case our dental hygienist will choose for every patient individually the hygiene and oral cavity care agents and also teach how to use them properly, with a constant control over manual skills and timely correction of defects. The main principle of our dental hygienist work is a constant control over the patient at every stage and after the treatment. After the end of treatment the patient is repeatedly examined for the purpose of oral cavity care in order to preserve the result of treatment at the expense of thorough care. One of the services we provide is tooth bleaching, which can be carried out either in our medical centre or domiciliary under our control. It should be noted that the procedure of tooth bleaching has been introduced over 100 years ago. Bleaching techniques have being constantly changed and improved. Owing to the onrush of dentistry as a science, nowadays we have perfect bleaching gels of Ultradent, Dentsply and Schutz companies, whose effect increases while using special bleaching lamps. Dental hygienist also carries out various prophylactic measures, notably:

  • professional toothbrushing
  • fissure hermetization
  • tooth fluorisation – the coating of teeth with fluorine-containing preparations, gels, lacquers and solutions.

We offer our patients all kinds of modern hygiene facilities for oral cavity care, here are some of them:

  • irrigator or electro hydromassager – is the main facility for oral cavity hygiene in the modern dentistry. It is necessary to use the irrigator mostly for those patients who have the fixed orthopedic and orthodontic constructions, implants or suffer from parodentium diseases.
  • multiactive flosses – are common flosses but fluff in the humid environment so that their cleaning ability is improving.
  • tooth brushes intended for the tooth care after surgical procedures, in case of parodentium diseases. They are made of natural ecological bristle.
  • tooth brush – stimulator for gums, used for gum massage.